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We, Evolife Laboratories, have been engaged in the development and innovation of skin care products for nearly a decade. We have created a "Research and Development" department called EVOLIFE which is committed to improve the quality of life of patients during chemotherapy and radiotherapy by limiting specific side effects of cancer treatments and aide recovery.

Unique formula containing Evaux-les-Bains thermal spring water
In 2001, a team of scientists was assigned to investigate the effects of key minerals that are naturally found in the hot water springs of Evaux-les-Bains, located in the Limousin region of France. The undertaken research led to the launch of several EvoLife skin care products, containing the distinctive "Totum Lithium"  formula and Evaux-les-Bains thermal spring water. A few years later, a dermatologist named Dr. Geraldine Reynaert at the oncology department of Timone Hospital in Marseille, France, saw very encouraging results in the quality of life of cancer patients who were using the EvoLife products.

The first complete range of cancer treatment side effects care
As a result, in 2006, with strong support from various leading National and International Oncology centers, Evolife launched the first complete range of innovative mineral products to assist cancer patients for skin, nail, hair, oral and hygiene care. Our products hydrate, protect, and provide much needed relief. We formulate every Evolife product to work perfectly with the skin's natural processes and treatment condition to renew, restore, and rejuvenate.

Committed to improving the quality of life of cancer patients
We are deeply engaged with the scientific and patient communities at many levels. For more than a decade Evolife has supported research and academic initiatives that have the potential of improving the level of cancer patient care and the quality of life. Our collaborative effort with the scientific community includes dermatologists, oncologists, radiologists and nurses who are all involved with cancer patient care. Apart from the numerous personal success stories from many patients around the world, our innovations and developments resulted in accreditation by the Cancer-Bio-Sant's Research Pole in France. EvoLife products were also awarded the 2008 trophy of Carnot and Turgot Limousin for innovation and development.

Global reach, personal commitment
Today, EvoLife Laboratories has several Global and Country-specific Advisory Boards and we work together to ensure continuous work and improvement towards the lives of cancer patients. All board members are personally engaged with day to day patient specific issues and are renowned members of several worldwide oncology & dermatology scientific organizations and patient groups.

All our EvoLife products have been very well received and they are being issued by doctors and nurses at leading Oncology Centers across the globe leading to remarkable results.

Evolife is available in nearly 25 European & Asian countries now.

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